Appethyl Spinach Extract - Easy Choice for Appetite Control

Appethyl - Simple Appetite Control

Eating and being overweight are very emotional issues and many seek out any possible solution.  There are so many options that it is often difficult and extremely discouraging to choose.

Appethyl may have just made that very easy for millions of Americans.  It is an all natural appetite suppressant derived from Spinach that is finally available for sale in the United States. 

Where Can I Buy Appethyl?

Where to buy appethyl is a relatively easy decision as there are only a couple distributors for it, all authorized by Green Polkadot Box, which was given exclusive right to Appethyl by Greenleaf Medical, the manufacturer.

Appethyl Spinach Extract was first available in Sweden, Finland and Norway in 2013.  While being very popular in Europe for the past year and a half, it wasn't until this December, 2014 that Greenleaf Medical has brought it to North America.

What is Appethyl Spinach Extract?

The product is a powdered spinach extract that naturally suppresses the appetite, allowing a person to eat less, snack less and feel full in between meals.  A component of green leave cells called thylakoids are what are responsible for the hunger control benefits.  

How do Thylakoids Work?

These thylakoids slow down digestion of fats and carbohydrates.  This slower digestion allows the body to begin to feel full sooner as the process release much more of the hormones that signals to the body that it is full.

The Thylakoids also allow the body to feel full for several hours in-between meals, greatly reducing the desire for snacks.  In fact it was discovered that the cravings for snacks and sweets was reduced dramatically after taking even just one serving of Appethyl.

Clinical Trial Results

Results from several clinical trials performed at Lund University in Stockholm Sweden showed that every participant had reduced hunger and lost weight during the 6-12 week studies.  Additional side benefits of reduced blood glucose levels were also noted.

Most notably, was the absence of any negative side effects normally associated with diet pills and other supplements. This is likely due to the product being all natural, but also being only ingredient.  As well, it appears to simply allow the body time to process through its normal functions of digestion and feeling full in an efficient manner.

As noted, it was very popular in Europe the past year and a half and is quickly gaining the same attention in the United States.  It has in less than one month become the fastest selling product for Green Polka Dot Box, the main distributor.

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